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Urban Demonstration Site

Situated on approximately 3/4 of an acre in Utica, N.Y. the urban demonstration site is our take on approprate land use in an uban setting. Inspirired by the work of Dave Jacke's "Edible Forest Gardens", what was once a degraded and overgrown urban landscape has been transformed into a thriving, food-bearing ecosystem. We achieved this by applying the basic ecological design principles of water management and focusing on edbile perennial plant species. When we started this project we set out to prove that 'green space' can coincide with food production and we believe this is an important step in bringing that concept to reality. The site is located next to Sculpture Space in West Utica and is open to the public so feel free to stop in any time.

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Rural Demonstration Site


Located in Deerfield, NY on 98 acres, our rural demonstration site is a living example of ecological agriculture, applied in a cold temperate region. This site is not just meant to serve as a farm, but also as an example of ecologically resilient broadscale farming in our region, facilitate commnity learning and train the next generation of ecological farmers. 

Client Sites

Info on client sites coming soon!

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